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LEGACY Young Leaders Team Up with Hands On Nashville

Nashville’s Helping Hands LEGACY Young Leaders Team Up with Hands On Nashville to help Glen Leven Farm
by Brittany Moore
The month of June is such a beautiful time of year in Tennessee and a great time to get outside to make a difference.   LEGACY Young Leaders recently convened for a post-workday volunteer opportunity at Glen Leven Farm.   Our young leaders arrived dressed ready to get down and dirty for a good cause.  We were quickly put to work pulling weeds in the education garden and the flower beds surrounding Glen Leven Estate as well as cleaning up fallen tree branches around the area.  In 2012, Glen Leven Farm was recognized by the Nashville Tree Foundation as a designated arboretum so, as you can imagine, this was no easy feat.
Immediately after volunteer check-in, Katie Randall, Glen Leven Education and Outreach Coordinator, took the group on a tour of the Glen Leven pre-Civil War mansion constructed in 1857.  With stunningly high ceilings, a hospital room displaying its origin…


When LEGACY Young Leaders call for help, fellow team members are there to deliver.