Wild Encounters with David Yarrow

Wild Encounters with David Yarrow

By Megan Heiner

Imagine being close enough to stare into the eyes of the world’s most dangerous animal and see your own reflection in its eyes.  For David Yarrow, a world renowned wildlife photographer, it’s just another day on the job.   

On September 30th, LEGACY had the opportunity to work with David Yarrow and Tinney Contemporary art gallery in Nashville, TN to create a VIP evening worthy of David’s jaw-dropping photos. From the elegant, simple layout of the gallery to the guests specially invited to attend, every detail of the event spoke to the value and beauty of David’s work.

Tinney Contemporary, located in downtown Nashville, was the perfect complement to the bold black and white prints that brought the intimate space to life. A lioness proudly regarded its viewers while a herd of elephants huddled together and faced a crowd unaware of the defiance that living takes. One of the most provocative pieces, set apart on its own wall, put audiences at the end of a bar up close and personal with a wolf stalking them down the counter. No matter where you stood in the gallery, the wilderness was inescapable.

We were honored to help host David’s first U.S. exhibit on his global tour celebrating his new book, Wild Encounters.  The book lives up to its name: filled with photos taken in the heart of Earth’s rawest domains from across seven countries, it’s like looking into another world.

David’s fascination with endangered wildlife has led him to become an active partner with Tusk Trust Charity, an organization dedicated to conservation, alleviating poverty, and developing communities. His commitment spans both time and treasure: on top of acting as their affiliate photographer, David donates a percentage of sales of all of his books and prints. With the recent release of Wild Encounters, he has also generously offered Tusk all author royalties from the book, which sold out.

The event was a success with over 100 guests in attendance, including notable guests such as Reba McEntire, Ronnie Dunn, Kix Brooks, John Esposito of Warner Music Nashville, John Hamlin of CMT, David Fischette of Go West Creative and Gigi Butler of Gigi’s Cupcakes.  David sold some significant gallery prints and every book available for sale left the gallery that evening baring David’s signature and in the hands of a besotted buyer.

The David Yarrow exhibit is on display at Tinney Contemporary until October 29th.

LEGACY Consulting, PR & Events is proud to work with clients like Wortman Works, David Yarrow and Tinney Contemporary on their PR campaigns and help host incredible events.  With more than 20 years of experience, LEGACY founder, Tresa Halbrooks, has helped a variety of companies, celebrities and non-profit organizations showcase their brand, PR and produce high profile events – all while raising millions of dollars for their communities.  We specialize in public relations, media, fundraising, celebrity foundations and complete event production for corporate and non-profit organizations.

We were thrilled to help David and Tinney continue their legacy!

LEGACY Consulting, PR & Events is a Nashville, TN based public relations and events production firm.  LEGACY is known as one of Nashville's top special event planners as they create unique and elaborate events for celebrity and high profile clients.
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